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Grown, sun-dried, and roasted in Paradise, then rushed to the Mainland, this is award-winning, estate-grown 100% Kona Coffee. You may choose from whole bean or ground, medium roast or dark.

MEDIUM ROAST, equivalent to a Full City roast, produces a coffee with Kona's characteristic smooth, fruit-and-wine acidity with a bright finish. It is a bit higher in caffeine than a darker roast, and is an excellent morning coffee.

DARK ROAST, equivalent to Vienna roast, deepens Kona coffee's intrinsic sweetness and produces a brew with an intense, rich aroma. It is a wonderful evening and dessert coffee.

All orders after Thanksgiving will be shipped in Holiday color fabric bags with a gift tag.

*** So sorry, we are all out of coffee! Please come back in Fall 2020. ***

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